Learn what you can about the world around you in only 6 rooms! Think you can scrape all the information together?


Arrow keys on Keyboard - D-Pad
Z or X on Keyboard - A Button

This is my first released game. I started this game 3 months ago but only spent a few weeks worth of time working on it. My goal with this game was to make something straightforward without the game bloating in scope, so I can start to gradually make more ambitious games that will still get finished at the end of the day.

Programs Used:

GB Studio: https://www.gbstudio.dev
MilkyTracker: https://milkytracker.titandemo.org
Paint.net: https://www.getpaint.net

Install instructions

For the best experience, play fullscreen in your browser or download the ROM file below and play it with a Gameboy emulator.


Gameboy ROM Build 31 kB

Development log

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