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Date with Falco is a furry dating sim / walking simulator. The game is written and drawn to be appropriate for general audiences.

You (Fox McCloud) walk and talk with your boyfriend (Falco Lombardi) who's not happy about the cold weather, as you try to get him outside during the winter season in Corneria. Things have been rough in the past week for Fox and Falco, and the cold weather certainly hasn't helped, but maybe a walk in the fresh snow will cheer them up.

Explore the city, talk with your bird boyfriend, and get up to hijinx together.

Bonus Art Pack + OST

If you pay $3.00 or more, you get the Date with Falco Bonus Art Pack. This contains full-size 800x720 images of the in-game cutscenes, with accompanying sketches and reference material, (almost) all by Shina Kazami. It's a total of 16 bonus files to gaze upon.

To really sweeten the deal, the gameboy-produced soundtrack is available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, but you can get it bundled with your download of the Bonus Art Pack at the same price.

(As thanks to those who already donated to the game, just email me and I'll get you a download of the above!)

Content Warnings

  • Being Gay
  • Doing Crime (Shoplifting, Trespassing, Vandalism)


Cutscene art by Shina Kazami

Gameplay, story, music, and original pixel art by Emberlynn Bland

Emote, Urban RPG, and Font asset packs by

Featured in the screenshots is pixel art from Snowland Gameboy Tileset by Dagon and GameBoy Style Home Interior Tileset by MonkeyImage. Many more asset packs and tools were used with attribution, this is included in the credits.txt file you can download for free!


This game and its developers are not endorsed-by nor affiliated-with Nintendo. Please support Nintendo's official merchandise and storefronts.

Release date Jun 05, 2022
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withGB Studio
TagsDating Sim, Furry, Game Boy, Gay, LGBT, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen, Smartphone
LinksSoundtrack, YouTube


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Date with Falco 512 kB
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if you pay $3 USD or more

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this is kinda everything to me ngl

Awww I love it <3


Aww, this was sweet! Distracting tho, I still gotta do dishes.


The sign of a good shipping game: when people who don't like the ship normally like the game. Very cute, good work.

Amazing job with this!

Loved playing this little game. It was so heartwarming and cute, the music is cute, the story is cute, the prites are cute, everything is so cute. Would love to see a longer game like this with original characters and see how the story would unfold. <3

deertears that was a short heartwarming Gameboy game ever i love it

(1 edit) (+1)

this is the only good date with game and best gameboy game ive ever played


Content Warning: BEING GAY.... hol up... are you saying this whole time I've been shipping these two.....that was gay???

the gays are fine mofo


(2 edits)

deertears i love this neat little Gameboy Visual Noval Game i really like it you should make it longer

I Really liked this mini-game! (because of course, its short lol) you caught me off-guard at the ending, made me laugh for some reason hahaha...

Hate to pester but is there any chance you would consider exporting a .pocket version? I need my boyfriends on the go! 

(4 edits) (+2)

Good news, this now exists! You can download a .pocket file when you download the game.

In general, for anyone reading, I recommend pocket owners get a GB Everdrive or Flash Cart so you don’t need to rely on .pocket exports:


Aw, I had no idea about the conversion issues! That's too bad but totally understandable. I otherwise really enjoyed this little slice of life escape, it cheered me up on an otherwise rotten day 😊

(1 edit) (+1)

i really like the music in this game, have you considered putting it on youtube or soundcloud?

(1 edit)

Glad you like it! Thanks for playing!

OST on Soundcloud:

OST on Bandcamp: if you want a faster download or want to drop a donation 😉


aaaa this was a SUPER cute game!!! I LOVE Falox, more than any other SF ship for sure. The art is FANTASTIC and the music is LOVELY. You captured their personalities really well, ESPECIALLY the "be gay do crime" scene. It's JUST how I pictured them being in such a casual setting. It was a 10/10 game, and my boyfriend and I really loved it.

As for my boyfriend's thoughts...
"As someone who also ships Falox and holds it very dear, I had my doubts in the beginning because I'm not too big on "fluff", but this surprised me greatly. The mixture of melancholy and snark in their conversations was just fantastic, and you captured the appeal of this ship really well: their understated mutual understanding. My deepest thanks for making this little VN."

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you two a whole bunch for playing it!

For all the people who say they don’t know the characters, there’s honestly so many gaps to fill, I just wrote what made sense to me. I’m glad someone else feels like what I did still felt true to the characters ^ ^

And I really appreciate what your boyfriend said too. This is maybe the most thoughtful and kind thing someone has ever said about any of my games. 💙 He’s also the first of anyone to tell me that someone liked the not-immediately-happy bits of the story. I have seen really flat fluff before, and I share your doubts whenever I’m trying to read new stories. 😅 I’m really glad you picked up on the vibe I wanted to put into the game.


I really enjoyed this!

I don’t know the Starfox series super well (only played original and 64), but I feel you captured Falco and Fox’s attitudes well. I also love all the little gay boy nuances you captured ~~ very cute!

I loved the set up and the pay-off of the ending, as well~~

Your music rocks as always and the art, both yours and Shina’s, is fab~

Also, as a fellow game dev “a short SFW romance about making things work” is such a hecking mooooood!! Thanks for making and sharing~!


This was AMAZING, im not really a fan of the ship personally but this just heated my heart it was so cute!! 

Dang, looks good, wonder if nsfw version in the future uwu

In a word, no. This is meant to be an approachable SFW game at heart. But I appreciate the interest 😉


It's a beautiful game
I love the fact that you used this beautiful ship <3

(1 edit)

Music is great and the dialogue is very natural. Very well written. Well done!

I super agree, the dialogue is great! :3